New Small Scale API Facility Operational – One Stop Shopping in High Containment Services

Last Updated on Dienstag, 18 Dezember 2012 07:25 Written by admin Dienstag, 1 September 2009 07:24

After only 15 months construction time Excella’s New Small Scale API Facility was completed and became operational in July 2009. The new facility has three compartments which are completely independent of and separated from each other with separate air handling systems, separate access, etc. Two of the compartments are designed for handling highly active API’s and are OEB 5 compliant, with reactors in the size of 250 and 800 liters, respectively. The third compartment, again with 800 liter reactors, is used for standard substances. In addition, a kilo lab is available with 60 liter reactors installed. This allows for batch sizes from a few up to 150 kg. Excella’s new facility provides state-of-the-art containment services. The facility operates to current Good Manufacturing Practices and can produce material for preclinical testing, clinical trials and commercial use as it serves Excella as a pilot plant and a small scale manufacturing unit. Highly potent molecules produced in Excella’s new high containment API facility can seamlessly flow into Excella’s drug product manufacturing division on site. Our Pharma colleagues are specialized in the manufacture of solid dosage forms of highly active or toxic substances with particular claims for product, staff and environmental protection. We are a market leader in high containment tablet and capsule production with two units that are OEB 4 and OEB 5 compliant. So, if requested by the customer, Excella can offer a one-stop-shopping solution ranging from process development through API production to the packed finished dosage form.