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The Finnish company ATACAMA LABS OY and EXCELLA GmbH (Fareva Holding SA) have signed a contract manufacturing agreement to jointly market and sell PDG granule and tablet manufacturing services for the pharmaceutical industry. Excella / Atacama Labs Offer for the Pharmaceutical Industry: Atacama Labs Oy has developed an innovative oral drug delivery technology called „pneumatic dry granulation“ or „PDG Technology“). The technology is aimed to replace existing solid dosage form development and manufacturing methods (like wet granulation or standard roller compaction) and will help both NCE galenic developers and life cycle managers to overcome development or differentiation issues. The Excella / Atacama Labs partnership offers a cGMP compliant and FDA / EMEA / Anvisa certified environment to house Atacama’s innovative and fully automated PDG equipment. „We can develop almost any API (including difficult ones) into higher drug load tablets with good hardness and dissolution profiles and our clients can profit from new tablet characteristics to extend the life cycle of expiring drugs, which can mean several more years of protected sales of a blockbuster drug. In both cases, global economics can be hundreds of millions of additional revenue, naturally subject to magnitude of drug revenue,“ Mr. Mittwich, CEO of the Atacama Labs Oy concludes. „Atacama Lab’s Pneumatic Dry Granulation or PDG Technology is revolutionary in the sense that it offers significant advantages in terms of API treatability, development speed and costs over today’s dry and wet granulation processes“ Dr. Michael Tschöpe, General Manager Pharma, Excella GmbH about Atacama Labs Oy. Atacama Labs Oy is a privately owned specialty pharmaceutical company that offers galenic development from test granulations to full galenic development, and contract manufacturing services from tablets to fully packaged products. The Company is located in Helsinki, Finland. For further information, please contact: Dr. Michael Tschöpe, General Manager Pharma, Excella GmbH, tel. +49-9128-404500; Steffen Mittwich, CEO Atacama Labs Oy, tel. +41 79 369 3410