7 Million Euro for New Quality Control Building

Last Updated on Freitag, 22 Juni 2018 12:19 Written by mbauer1 Donnerstag, 11 August 2016 11:49

Excella is investing another 7 million Euro in Feucht. On March 24th 2016 the construction of a new laboratory building started, that will be used for the quality control of drug products from 2018 onwards.

In the new building there will be two office floors, three lab floors, basement and attic. All functions that serve Quality Control will be concentrated in one building and provides room for 78 workplaces. Presently, the erection time is estimated to two years, then the most striking building on the Excella premises will be ready.

During the previous years the manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and supplier of quite a number of drug vendors has grown continuously. In 2008, the company opened its chemical technical center, for which 17.4 million Euro were invested.

Since the former Heumann production site was purchased by the French Fareva group, the number of employees has increased from 400 to now 540. In 2015 Excella achieved an annual turnover of about 106 million Euros.

The drug products of Excella are manufactured under technically challenging clean room conditions, that also allow for the production of highly active ingredients. In this field, Excella is one of the leaders worldwide and is shipping its products to customers in more than 50 countries.

In the medium term, more new buildings are planned in Feucht. Apart from expanding the production of chemicals, a new building for the production of drugs shall be tackled, as well.

   New Quality Control Building

Quality Control Building

With a height of 24 meters and a floor area of 4,200 square meters the new Quality Control will be the most striking building on the Excella premises.