Ingredients Products
Our 650 employees develop and manufacture
active ingredients and pharmaceuticals
to the highest international standards.

Since 2008, we have been a subsidiary of France’s
FAREVA Group, which operates in 13 countries and has 43 production sites and 15 research and development centers around the world.

We focus on developing and manufacturing products for cancer treatment and immunosuppressive therapies.

Pharmaceutical ingredients

Developing and manufacturing highly potent APIs at level OEB 4 to OEB 5+

  • Over 100 organic reaction types
  • Syntheses with up to 12 steps
  • From clinical phase II all the way to market approval
  • 250 l and 800 l reactors
  • Large scale manufacturing 4.000 l up to OEB 4
  • Production quantities: 5 kg to 20 tons

Finished medicinal products

Developing and manufacturing products from tablets and capsules through to packaging. We specialize in high containment solutions.

  • High containment up to OEB 5+
  • DoE, QbD, PAT
  • Clinical phases II and III
  • Commercial production for more than 100 countries

Everything happens at one location spanning almost 60,000 m2
in Feucht, near Nuremberg

We don’t just work
for the Big Five

We also work with medium-sized companies, start-ups and virtual companies. Above all else, we want to foster long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers.

Norbert Straub, R&D Director Pharma Highly Potent

Norbert Straub, R&D Director Pharma Highly Potent

Dr. Angrit Trapp, Director Customer Relations

We are purely a contract manufacturer and have no brands of our own

We are your partner, not your competitor.

Dr. Angrit Trapp, Director Customer Relations

Everything from a single source:
From active ingredient synthesis
to the finished product

We offer complete development
– including scale-up and one-to-one transfer of the manufacturing process –
all the way through to commercial manufacturing.

This is by no means standard for a company of our size.
But we have what it takes: Our
employees are extremely well trained, unsere
our analytics department is perfectly equipped and our facilities are versatile.

Apart from our services, we also offer a portfolio
of around 30 active ingredients for the generics market.

Clients can be as involved as they wish in every stage of the process

We strive to adapt to our partners’ way of working as far as possible.

Dr. Georg Straller, Abteilungsleiter Entwicklung und Transfer, Pharma

Dr. Georg Straller, Head of Development and Transfer, Pharma

Dr. Frank Jellen, Director Regulatory Affairs

We have decades of experience with various health authorities

If you would like to get your active ingredient approved worldwide, we offer extensive support.

Dr. Frank Jellen, Director Regulatory Affairs

We are regularly inspected by foreign health authorities

So we know what we’re doing.

Dr. Christine Sonner, Director Quality Management

Dr. Christine Sonner, Director Quality Management

Germany: Government of Upper Franconia, last inspection: May 2018
USA: FDA, last inspection: July 2019
Russia: State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices, last inspection: March 2021
Brazil: ANVISA, last inspection: June 2018
Korea: Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, last inspection: 2016
Turkey: last inspection 2018

We support clients
in over 100 countries

We have clients in Japan, the USA, Russia, Korea, China, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Africa. This allows us to adapt to different cultures.

Occupational safety, environmental protection, and process safety are extremely important to us

Employee safety is our top priority. Always and without exception. Our next concern is environmental protection. For example, we base our work on HAZOP.

We can work with very low OELs, down to 10 ng/m3

Our employees are trained accordingly and our facilities are fully equipped – from sophisticated building automation to dust extractors, waste air scrubbers and much more.

Daniela Kovats, Manager EHS

Daniela Kovats, Manager EHS

Most of our employees have worked for us for many years, some for several decades

Our team is made up of chemical technicians, chemical laboratory assistants, pharmaceutical technicians, pharmacists, chemists and chemical engineers. We have extensive expertise and a wealth of experience.
We know what we’re doing and get results quickly.