High Containment

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The manufacturing service in the area of high containment production is focusing on tablets, coated tablets and hard gelatine capsules as well as loading and coating of pellets containing active ingredients that require a high level of personal and environmental protection.

The level of protection required usually is specified by the OEL (Occupational Exposure Level) – measured in µg/m3 and defining the maximum allowed airborne concentration of active per 8-hour shift.

Depending on the OEL value certain engineering and procedural measures need to be in place in order to fulfill the requirements.

Excella is offering two manufacturing suits which are able to handle actives with OEL of 10 to 1 µg/m3 (HCO 1) or 5 to 0,01 µg/m3 (HCO 2).

The process steps offered are as follows :

For more details on the packaging step see Packaging and Isolated Lines.

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