Third Party Business History

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Milestones and History

1966 Start of Chemical Research and Development  Activities
1974 Start of Production at Feucht in Chemical Plant I
1983 Start of Third Party Business
Start of Production in Chemical Plant II
First FDA Inspection
1992 First GMP approval of the plant. Annual Production exceeds 100 metric tons
2000 Part of Pharmacia Corporation (US)
2001 Major upgrade and expansion project including Chemical Plant III
2002 Annual production exceeds 200 metric tons
2003 Part of Pfizer (US)
2008 Part of FAREVA (FR)
Groundbreaking for new small scale high-containment facility
2009 Start of Production in New Small Scale Facility
2015/16 Extension Unit 2 Chemistry
2018 Inauguration of the new Quality Control Building for Drug Products


Recent Posts


7 Million Euro for New Quality Control Building

Excella makes second large investment since 2008 – Sum of investments totaling to 24.4 Million Euro – In the world’s top position


Inspections by Korean MFDS and Turkish MoH

in 2016 we continued our series of successful inspections by regulatory bodies.