Excellence in High Containment Production

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Excella’s latest investment is a small scale high containment API facility, which became operational in July 2009.

The new facility has three compartments which are completely independent of and separated from each other with separate air handling systems, separate access, etc. Two of the compartments are designed for handling highly active API’s and are OEB 5 compliant, with reactors in the size of 250 and 800 liters, respectively. The third compartment, again with 800 liter reactors, is used for standard substances. In addition, a kilo lab is available with 60 liter reactors installed. This allows for batch sizes from a few up to 150 kg.

Each compartment extends over four floors, with a top-down product flow, i.e. with charging done from the top floor, the reactors located on the next level, centrifuges and pressure filters again one floor lower and the harvesting rooms on the ground level. Separate airlocks on every floor for each compartment with a higher pressure than in the surrounding rooms give access for personnel and material.

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